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1. Setting up the .env file

rename the env.txt to .env and fill in your details


[email protected]
[email protected]




2. Configure your Static CMS Backend

Navigate to src/pages/admin.astro and provide your Git repository details. You can find a list of all supported Git backends at:

Gitlab Example:

const config = {
	locale: lang,
	site_url: url,
	logo_url: '',
	local_backend: true,
	backend: {
		name: 'gitlab',
		repo: '/<your-gitlab-repo>',
		auth_type: 'pkce', // Required for pkce
		app_id: 'xxxx', // Application ID from your GitLab settings
		commit_messages: {
			create: 'Create {{collection}} "{{slug}}"',
			update: 'Update {{collection}} "{{slug}}"',
			delete: 'Delete {{collection}} "{{slug}}"',
			uploadMedia: 'Upload "{{path}}"',
			deleteMedia: 'Delete "{{path}}"'
	search: 'true',

3. Add your site to the astro config

export default defineConfig({
	site: '',

4. Install dependencies

npm install

πŸ› οΈ 5. Start Development server

npm run dev

If you wish to engage the local backend:

npm run cms-proxy-server

Now you can open Static CMS on http://localhost:4321/admin/

❌ Removing Collections

If your cosmic journey excludes a blog, portfolio, shop, or restaurant menu, simply remove the corresponding documents from the **src/content**. Additionally, erase the page templates from **src/pages** .

πŸ›Έ Commands

All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal:

npm installInstalls dependencies
npm run devStarts local dev server at localhost:4321
npm run cms-proxy-serverStarts Staticcms proxy server for local-backend
npm run buildBuild your production site to ./dist/
npm run previewPreview your build locally, before deploying
npm run astro ...Run CLI commands like astro add, astro check
npm run astro -- --helpGet help using the Astro CL

πŸ‘€ Want to learn more about Astro?

Check out Astro documentation or jump into Astro’s Discord server.

πŸ“š Tech Stack

Astro, MDX, Vue, TailwindCSS, Pagefind, Snipcart

πŸ›Ÿ Support

If you encounter any issues or bugs, we encourage you to open an issue in the repository. To help us quickly address the problem, please provide detailed information about the bug and steps to reproduce it.

πŸ‘‘ Premium Support

For those seeking priority assistance, we offer premium support services. Do you need support, custom intergrations, design, or development? Feel free to reach out to me by email at [email protected]. find me on UpWork Im here to help!

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πŸ“ License

Want to get rid of the attribution? Simply purchase a license and you’re good to go.

πŸš• Roadmap

As we journey towards v1.0, our path includes enriching the page builder with a diverse array of new blocks, upgrading dependencies to ensure optimal performance, and introducing exciting features. We’re eager to hear from you! If you have any feature requests, please feel free to reach out and let us know.