Astro powered, fast by design.

Experience web performance at its zenith with Nebulix, driven by the speed-centric Astro framework. Your site will load in the blink of an eye, delivering an unparalleled user experience. Say goodbye to sluggishness and embrace the rapidity of Nebula for your website.

Nebulix Features

  • Tailwind CSS

    Transform your template's appearance with the beloved Tailwind CSS framework. Easily customize your design, bringing your unique vision to life.

  • Webshop

    Experience a straightforward webshop, powered by SnapCart. It seamlessly handles product variations and even accommodates digital products.

  • Page Block Builder

    Craft your perfect page effortlessly with our selection of versatile blocks. Customize and extend your page exactly the way you want it.

  • Full-Text Search

    Experience lightning-fast full-text search capabilities with Pagefind. Our integrated search engine seamlessly enhances your site's user experience.

  • Multiple Templates

    Tailor your website to perfection with a variety of templates for pages, blogs, shops, portfolios, and menus. Craft each page precisely as you envision.

  • Restaurant Menu

    Explore our user-friendly menu, thoughtfully designed with clear labels and detailed information about allergens for your dining peace of mind.

  • Git-Based

    With Astro + Static CMS, your content finds its home in a Git repository, ensuring efficient content management and collaboration.

  • Light & Darkmode

    Give your visitors the freedom to choose their preferred color scheme, ensuring a personalized browsing experience.

A perfect page speed score Optimized Speed and Accessibility

Our perfect 100% page speed score and compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA standards reflect our commitment. We've optimized speed and accessibility, ensuring a superior user experience for all.

Check out our documentation

Getting started is easy, just clone the repo, configure and you are ready to go.

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Nebulix Webshop

Discover the seamless integration of Snipcart, empowering you to efficiently oversee your store directly within a Static CMS. Whether your offerings include digital products or physical goods, Snipcart boasts a wealth of exceptional features, making it an ideal choice for the majority of small webshops.

Read more about SnipCart.

Nebulix Portfolio

Need to show your skills, select a good template and build your portfolio with nebulix.

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Nebulix Restaurant Menus

Create a great menu, you can even shop arlercic information and labels. All menu's are mobile friendly and fast!